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Insurance Company Description: AIA Australia Limited has been in existence in Australia from 1970 and was initially known as AIG Life. It changed its name to AIA Australia Limited in June 2009 when it separated from the US Company, AIG and associated with the Asian Group, AIA. This insurance company is currently listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and has been known to have more than 20 million customers, with 20,000 staff spread over the offices in Asia-Pacific.

The company has received several accolades for their outstanding work in the insurance field such as the 2011 Best Overall Value – Canstar Cannex and the 2011 Best Income Protection – Canstar Cannex. They offer their international experience by bringing out comprehensive and extremely flexible life cover options for Australians.

Pros: The most important aspect of being associated with AIA is that they truly understand that the requirements of every client is different and they make sure that they provide custom-made and flexible life insurance and income protection policies as per the consumer needs. Customers are extremely satisfied with the flexible approach of AIA and they know that when they associate with this insurance firm, they will receive only the best. The moment you get in touch with the financial adviser of AIA, you can be rest assured that your requirements have met good hands. The company helps you in preparing for difficult times but it also goes a step forward in helping with extremely complex situations such as disablement or even the loss of your dear one. AIA paid out more than $160 million as claims in the year 2008. One of the main advantages of being associated with AIA is that if you have all the right formalities, then your claims can be even processed within a matter of five days which is simply outstanding. You need not have to worry about your claims as they will keep you updated on the status of your claim.

Cons: AIA does offer flexible and convenient insurance plans, but the rates have been found to be a little expensive than compared to the other insurance plans offered by the other top insurance companies.

Conclusion: In all, if you are looking forward to a custom-made insurance plan which will meet your requirements and needs, then you should certainly seek the services of AIA Australia Ltd. 

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