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Insurance Company Description: AHM health insurance is a privately owned entity and this insurance firm offers a wide range of health insurance services and a number of personalized health management programs as well. The company joined with the Medibank Private Limited in 2009 and is in turn a part of the Medibank Group from 2009.

Roy Johnson is the founder of AHM and he created this company in Wollongong to support the interests of the citizens. The organization was founded after he lost his daughter to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. AHM has become the leading provider of healthcare insurance products for the Australian citizens. It started out as a very small organization and has in turn become one of the prominent health insurance providers in Australia.

Covers: Insurance products that are offered by AHM include health insurance, travel insurance, ambulance cover and for overseas student.

Pros: AHM is a leading healthcare provider which services more than 360,000 people in Australia. It has more than 560 staff who is dedicated in servicing their members. AHM not only offers the four standard hospital covers but it also offers several other extra covers such as 18+ covers and health insurance packages as well.

Most of the customers go in for the four types of hospital cover which is the basic cover, the top hospital cover, the family level 5 cover and the essential hospital 5 cover. Some of the extra covers which have received much attention are the basic extra cover, the lifestyle extra cover, the family extra cover and the super extra cover.

Cons: The services of AHM are found to be more expensive than the other insurance plans. The service is not up to the standards as expected of them. The customer service is rather poor and clients seem to be quite dissatisfied with the customer care services provided by them. Customers are not very well-informed and seem to lack clarity in their communication. Many customers seem to have had a terrible experience with AHM. The company does not seem to tend to claims regarding dental and chiropractic care. AHM continually seems to strive hard to do their best but unfortunately, their services do not tend to satisfy the needs of the customers. There are several instances of paperwork mistakes which were made as a result of the carelessness from the staff at AHM.

Conclusion: AHM Health insurance has definitely made a stance of their own in the field of health insurance management in Australia.



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