AAMI Insurance Reviews

AAMI Insurance Reviews
Insurance Company Description: AAMI or the Australian Associated Motor Insurers Ltd, can be regarded as the best insurers in Australia and this large organization is proud to service more than two and a half million customers. This company has turned into the foremost home, car, compulsory third party and small businesses insurer of Australia. It is the brand operating for Suncorp-Metway Limited and the company came into existence way back in 1970. This insurance company believes in coming in direct contact with the customers which makes the clients feel closer to the firm and the insurance policy which they have selected.

Covers: AAMI is quite famous for the various insurance policies which it offers to its customers in the different categories such as the Car Insurance (Comprehensive and Third Party), CTP (Greenslips), Home Insurance (building, contents, renters, and landlord), business insurance (for small and at-home businesses, liabilities, business motors, equipment breakdowns) and other insurances for caravan and trailers.

Pros: AAMI believes that marketing and advertising is a must to put forward a good image of your company and they have certainly spent a lot of money on this. They have a pleasant public image and the services and premium offered by them is simply great and economical than the policies offered by the other companies. In case of car or home damages, once you provide the right documents and once your claim is approved, the insurance amount will reach you in no time.  Buying a policy on AAMI is extremely easy which can be done either through phone, online or even through the local AAMI offices. AAMI also accepts premium payments half-yearly which works well for people who are unable to pay the upfront amount in one go.

Cons: Most of the customers are concerned about the speed in which claims are attended to and the company doesn’t seem to offer the right information to the clients as to what is happening on their case. Also, most of the clients are of the view that the staff at AAMI does not return the promised calls.

Overall: Clients should understand one important fact that as AAMI is a huge company, it may not be possible for them to pay for each and every claim or repair. There might be minor catches in the Terms and Conditions of the car policy, so it would be great if it properly checked before you go into accepting the policy.


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    • Mel
    • September 5, 2017

    Extremely poor level of service. I was in an accident and my car was not towed for over a week. Every time I called there was a person who told me something different. They did not seem to make any notes it seems. Lies and false promises. Also please be aware, I was also told by a panel beater that AAMI repairers do shoddy work using cheap car parts that are not genuine. My car was checked and found to have been replaced with cheap parts that were not genuine. They also take an excess out of you and then recover costs from the other party. apparently this has been a game they have been playing for quite a while. Please warn anyone you know and let your family and friends know so that they do not fall prey to AAMI. I think a class action against AAMI is needed.

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