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1st For Women Insurance ReviewsInsurance Company Description: The motto behind offering exclusive car insurance for women are that this insurance firm identifies the good quality of driving in women and hence, this insurance firm understands that women drivers do not have to pay high premiums for a high risk. The polices from 1st For Women Insurance are underwritten by Auto & General Insurance Company Ltd and the underwriting is said to be more comprehensive than that of the other popular insurers. Offering competitive rates to quality drivers is the motto of 1st For Women Insurance. There is an innovativeness and creativity when it comes to 1st For Women Insurance and they are a part of the International Group of Companies which was started in the 1980s. This insurance firm is the largest car insurance company in South Africa and is one of the biggest in the United Kingdom as well.

Covers: The insurance coverage that is handled by 1st For Women Insurance includes Car insurance, home insurance, contents insurance and travel insurance.

Pros: 1st For Women Insurance is indeed a unique insurance that is tailored to the needs of the Australian women. The ease of the application process is indeed praiseworthy and making claims is very easy. Customers need not have to fill forms or get into any complicated procedures for getting a 1st For Women Insurance policy. Customers are given the choice of opting for their own repairer in case of damages or repairs. 1st For Women Insurance policyholders get a sense of freedom as they can choose the repairer of their liking. The staff at this insurance firm is kind and friendly and they seem to genuinely care about the customer problems or queries. Consumers need not have to wait for long while contacting customer support line. Immediate covers are available through the phone and quotes are offered instantaneously. Premium payments are quite simple to make and you can make the same either monthly or annually. The monthly payment of premium is definitely a plus point of being part of 1st For Women Insurance as it is convenient for all those women who make low income. Customers can also go in for combining the premiums from different insurances and such customers may also be entitled to several discounts and specials.

Cons: One of the common complaints that is received against 1st For Women Insurance is that the company website is too simple and it also seems to lack important information regarding the various insurance policies that are offered by them. The website also suffers from bad user accessibility and maybe hard to navigate at the same time. Travel insurance is not provided by 1st For Women Insurance. This is one of the major drawbacks of using this insurance firm.


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