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Insurance Company Description: 1Cover Travel Insurance is a very popular insurance brand in Australia which offers amazing insurance policies to clients at extremely low rates. It is a NSW based insurance intermediary and exclusively deals with insurance products in the travel sector and the products are underwritten by Allianz. 1Cover Travel Insurance has been defined as a market leader in the arena of travel insurance and it has served more than two hundred thousand Australians. Low cost, quality insurance offered by 1Cover Travel Insurance is the key to its success.

Covers: 1Cover Travel Insurance is a firm that has amazing experience in the field of travel insurance and also offers products and services in the car insurance, home insurance, and life insurance and in caravan insurance as well.

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  • Customers like to go in for 1Cover Travel Insurance policies because of the ease with which they can obtain quotes and applications. You can purchase a policy through the company’s website which is extremely easy and quick at the same time.
  • The payments on claims are very quick and they are no hold-ups in the process. Certain customers’ have reported that 1Cover Travel Insurance pays up even for foreign hospitalization charges while the customer was on travel.
  • Staff and the customer service members of the firm are very polite and helpful by nature. They are extremely professional in their approach and they would like to handle the customer’s problem in a very smart and easy manner and they do not believe in wasting the time of clients.
  • When your claim is processed and the payment is sent to you, the staff alerts you of this through sms, email or even by giving you a call. In this way, you can be sure that your claim reaches the right place.


  • Some customers have claimed that they are not as quick as their website advertises them to be and at certain times, the claims take a very long time to process and the clients need to contact the staff members constantly on phone, email and letters.
  • In certain circumstances, customers have even hired lawyers so that they can get their claims processed in a timely manner.

Overall: Clients must understand that 1Cover Travel Insurance is a very simple insurance company which offers policies to customers at a very low rate. If your loss is small, then your claims are processed in a much faster manner than compared to a case where you loss is extremely high. The Terms & Conditions of this company is found to be a little tricky, so it would be better to read up the same very carefully before you commit to their policies.

free travel insurance quote

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