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Insurance Company Description: 1300 Pet Insurance is very popular in Australia as an important and renowned pet insurance firm which is keenly directed towards the welfare of pets. The purpose of this insurance is to help pet owners’ ease the pressure of costly vet bills and pet surgeries and many of the pet owners’ feel that they cannot attend to their pets’ medical problems at times because of the sky-high rates on the medical facilities’. This is the only goal behind the creation of 1300 Pet Insurance and the company strives hard to offer basic, cheap, reliable and high-quality pet insurances and their remarkable products and services is the main reason why they have become so popular in the current Australian insurance market.

Covers: 1300 Pet Insurance is known to offer several kinds of dog insurances and cat insurances under the category of pet insurances.

  • One of the foremost factors regarding 1300 Pet Insurance is their unique quality of customer service and they are extremely proud of the same.
  • The staff and the representatives at 1300 Pet Insurance are polite, amicable, and reliable and offer all the relevant information with regards to pet insurances. Queries are responded in a timely and friendly manner and customers are extremely happy with the customer friendly attitude of the staff at 1300 Pet Insurance.
  • The process for signing up for pet insurance is quite simple and you can easily get the quotes without any hassles. While comparing the quotes of 1300 Pet Insurance to that of the other pet insurance companies in Australia, they are really cheap and the claim process is quite simple and can be applied very easily.
  • Clients feel that there is not much problem while filling out the forms as they are very simple forms and can be filled out easily. Also, one important advantage of using 1300 Pet Insurance is that it accepts dogs and cats of any age, unlike the other insurances which only provides insurance to pets till a certain age.

Cons: There are not many complaints that have been received against 1300 Pet Insurance and one of the only cons against them is that you need to wait a long time before you can get to a representative while calling the customer support line.

Overall: There is no doubt that 1300 Pet Insurance is the best in the Australian Insurance industry and it offers only the best for the pets as well as to the pet owners’.

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