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Insurance Pick is an insurance reviews website based in Australia that offers up to date guides and resources about
all types of insurance from personal to commercial, we will have it covered.

Comparing insurance quotes from many different companies online is a fantastic way to find the cheapest insurance rates. Because the more quotes and information you can get, the morechances you have to save money!

Before you buy insurance from an Australian insurance company, make sure you have done all the correct research including reading the PDS and fine print.

Can insurance policies be purchased online?

Not all insurance companies allow you to sign up for insurance online. The ones that do tend to be more affordable because they have lower processing fees associated with registrations via credit card payments. In fact more and more insurance companies are encouraging customers to apply for insurance online because it allows for fewer mistakes as opposed to registering over phone and needing to call up again to change details if a mistake has occured.


We will cover different types of insurance such as green slip insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, etc.

Ultimately, we our goal is to help you find the best insurance quotes by providing insurance reviews, quotes, claim information and more.

So get started now and save!